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The Difference

In many cases people are doing business with a financial advisor who is merely serving as a middleman between the client and the person or people actually making the investment decisions. This can add layers of fees, reduce portfolio performances net of those fees, and create conflicts of interest which can incentivize an advisor to place client assets with certain managers.

Clear Net Worth eliminates all of these potential issues, instead employing a better way:

  • A Fee-only approach (We are paid SOLELY by our clients)
  • In house individual portfolio structuring and investment management
  • No allegiances with firms offering proprietary financial products
  • A specific advisor assigned to and primarily responsible for the accounts of each client
  • No Mutual Funds. Which means no mutual fund fees paid by our clients to the fund company and no fees paid to us from the fund company
  • No Sub Advisors. We do not sub out our money management responsibilities. This prevents layered on fees which can reduce your investment performance

See the Difference

The Old Way:
In 2010 the average mutual fund fee ranged from 1.04% for Bond Funds to 1.47% for equity funds. These fees are generally deducted from the assets of the mutual fund and directly affect your investment returns. These fees go to pay the fund expenses and to pay the money managers in faraway offices that are charged not with meeting your financial goals but with meeting the investment mission of the fund they manage. Thus you are stuck paying your financial advisor to in effect hire someone else to manage your money.

The Clear Difference:
As a Clear Net Worth client, you pay a 1 to 1.5 percent management fee depending on assets under management. In return you get a personal relationship with a money manager who will tailor your portfolio to meet your goals. Your advisor does not have an incentive to hire a sub-advisor or fund manager that will generously compensate him for managing YOUR money. You have online access to your personal accounts. You can see on a daily basis online, as well as in your monthly and quarterly statements the exact investments your advisor is selecting for you. You can call and talk to YOUR money manager about any concerns, ideas, or financial needs you may have. Call Today and Find Out More about the Clear Difference.

Source: 2011 Investment Company Fact Book.


Clear Net Worth and its investment advisor representatives may only transact business in states in which they are registered, or are excluded or exempted from registration as an investment advisor and/or investment advisor representatives. Neither Clear Net Worth nor any of its advisors will follow-up with any individualized responses to a person in any state to effect, or attempt to effect, transactions in securities, or render personalized investment advice for compensation, absent compliance with that person's home state registration requirements, or an applicable exemption or exclusion.