Clear Net Worth


At Clear Net Worth, we are passionate about the fact that clients deal directly with the person who is managing their money.

handshakeEach client's advisor selects individual stocks, bonds, preferred stocks, ETFs, Master Limited Partnership interests, Publicly Traded LLC Units, and convertible securities that the advisor feels best meet the risk tolerance, investment, and income goals of that client.

NetExchangeOur clients have online access to their accounts so they can see exactly what their advisor is doing to meet their investment goals.

graphsIf a Clear Net Worth client has a question about a particular investment, a particular type of security, or their investment goals and strategy, the client can pose those questions directly to their advisor who is making the investment decisions.


Clear Net Worth offers our clients personalized fee only investment management services.

We do not receive any trails, upfront sales payments, or any other compensation based on the investments we select for our clients.

Unlike many other investment management or brokerage firms, we are paid exclusively by our clients.

This means that in addition to our fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of our clients, our financial incentives are aligned with our clients' financial goals. We do not receive any part of transaction or brokerage fees on our clients' accounts. Therefore we have no incentive to churn an account or execute unnecessary trades to drive our bottom line.

The direct nature of the Client advisor relationship is the cornerstone of the Clear Net Worth model.

We do not use outside solicitors to recruit clients, and we do not merely find other advisors, mutual funds, or hedge funds to manage our clients' money.



Clear Net Worth and its investment advisor representatives may only transact business in states in which they are registered, or are excluded or exempted from registration as an investment advisor and/or investment advisor representatives. Neither Clear Net Worth nor any of its advisors will follow-up with any individualized responses to a person in any state to effect, or attempt to effect, transactions in securities, or render personalized investment advice for compensation, absent compliance with that person's home state registration requirements, or an applicable exemption or exclusion.